Four year ago we were doing just this. Seriously, Asher’s family has been calling me their family photographer since I was a poor little high schooler that thought she was so snazzy with a camera. I mean, look at this dramatic guitar picture taken his senior year of high school:

Asher Senior Blog_0007.jpg

It makes me giggle just thinking of that photo shoot then. 🙂

Fast forward to now, and here we are! I just love these photos in B&W taken at John Brown University, with one of my favorite music majors. Graduation: here we come!!

Asher Senior Blog_0004.jpg
Asher Senior Blog_0003.jpg
Asher Senior Blog_0005.jpg
Asher Senior Blog_0002.jpg
Asher Senior Blog_0006.jpg

Usually that first look is the look I’m used to getting when taking photos. 😉

Asher Senior Blog_0001.jpg

To see these in color and the rest of the photos, check out