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‘Tis the season for college students to get their senior photos done! Since I’m a senior myself, I only agreed to do a few peoples’ senior portraits, as my work load is just as busy as theirs! I wish I could have done everyone who asked, as portraits and head shots are some of my favorite things to do.
That’s why I just LOVE these photos I took of Colleen. Colleen has been a near and dear friend of mine since our sophomore year of college. She’s a great companion and a honest friend in my life, especially during the struggles and joys of college. I can’t believe she’s almost to the finish line!
Here are a few of my favorites from her quick session. 🙂
Colleen Senior Blog_0001.jpg

That smile is just so contagious!!

Colleen Senior Blog_0002.jpg
Colleen Senior Blog_0003.jpg
I told her to look up into the corner of a building and laugh at it. She thought it was the most awkward thing in the world, but I think she pulled it off, right? 🙂

Colleen Senior Blog_0004.jpg
No senior who lives downtown can go without a picture in front of the Ben Franklin wall. 🙂

Colleen Senior Blog_0005.jpg
Colleen Senior Blog_0006.jpg

My favorite photo!! Isn’t she marvelous??

To see the other few photos from the 10-image session, visit