Jeremy and Amber have been dear friends since college, where I met them through our work study job doing AV work on our campus. When they asked me about taking photos at their wedding, I was so beyond honored. They had the most perfect day at Amber’s parent’s home, near Gamaliel, AR.

When Stephen (my husband and second photographer) and I first arrived, we got a quick tour of their beautiful ranch by their coordinator. Then, it was time to capture some details.

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Amber and her girls got ready in her parents master suite, while the guys got ready in the bedrooms that were upstairs in the home.
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Then in in a flash, it was ceremony time! Everyone waited inside until it was time to go out (because it was a tad warm out), but there was a wonderful breeze that happened to be around that day. It made the ceremony much cooler!


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Jeremy turned around so that he wouldn’t see Amber until she was at the aisle. And once he saw her, I think reality set in. He got teary-eyed, and could not stop looking at her.
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And just like that, two became one, and they were Mr. and Mrs. Helt!!
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I think there was confusion on if we were grossed out by the kissing, or being celebratory from the kissing, thus there was laughter from the kissing. 😉
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It’s always important to take goofy photos with each of your bridesmaids. 😉
Helt Wedding Blog_0039.jpg

Aren’t these sisters so beautiful?!
Helt Wedding Blog_0046.jpg

The flowers from the day were absolutely gorgeous!!
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Apparently petting the beard is frowned upon. 😉
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It’s always fun to have your brothers by your side on the big day.
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Then it was time to take the couple out. Jeremy had showed us some great spots for photos, and with the sun slowly sinking down, it made these locations the most photogenic locations ever!
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One of my favorites!
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Afterwards we snuck back to the reception. Amber and Jeremy had a quick bite in the house while their friends and family ate outside, then they came out to greet their guests and jump into their first dance!
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Helt Wedding Blog_0062.jpg

This lighting + this couple = <3
Helt Wedding Blog_0063.jpg

The parent dances were precious. You can tell these moms and dads love their children!
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Then it was party time!! There was dancing all night around the other events.
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The cake looked beautiful on the baby grand in the home!
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This bouquet toss proved the old wife’s tale to be true: the catcher was due to be married two weeks after Amber and Jeremy’s wedding day! How ironic and great is that?!
Helt Wedding Blog_0078.jpg
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It was a fun and wonderful night. And I’m so thankful that these two are finally married. Congratulations again my friends!
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Photography: Andrea Barnett Photo

DJ: DJ Bear Klenda from Central Arkansas Entertainment

Officiant: Dr. Chuck Martin

Meat from dinner: Holy Smokes

Cakes: Layer by Layer

Flowers: Bouquet Palace

Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal

Vests and Suits: JC Penney

Wedding Bands: Zales

Hair & Coordinator: Tanya (friend of Bride)

Makeup: Madelaine (matron of honor)

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  • Steve & Daren Anne Stage says:

    Such a spectacular setting for your marvelous ceremony. We are so grateful to be able to enjoy the day’s events through such wonderful photographs. Truly a grand time was had by all.
    May God bless you both as you begin your lives together.
    Steve and Daren Anne Stage

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