Large family photoshoots are always one of my favorites. To be completely honest, this family photo shoot was seriously hilarious (and even more honestly, everyone did GREAT at following instructions and helping the time go well). I’m so glad to know these guys, as they easily will brighten anyone’s day. Taking photos at Crystal Bridges was stunning, and the Sunday morning spent there was just gorgeous. Plus, they’re all super photogentic, how could this not be a winning situation?!

Kleber Blog_0002.jpg
Kleber Blog_0003.jpgCandy: the best bribe there ever was. 🙂
Kleber Blog_0004.jpg
Kleber Blog_0005.jpgI’m not sure what parents and grandparents were doing to create smiles, but it worked! 😉
Kleber Blog_0006.jpg
Kleber Blog_0007.jpgAnd this is probably the most accurate sibling photo there ever was.
Kleber Blog_0008.jpg
Kleber Blog_0009.jpgBut don’t worry, Kevin got in on the lovin’. 🙂
Kleber Blog_0010.jpg
Kleber Blog_0011.jpgSome of the families then had mini shoots, since we were already out and about.
Kleber Blog_0012.jpgMommy and Daddy looking dreamy at each other is always disgusting. 😉
Kleber Blog_0013.jpg
Kleber Blog_0014.jpg
Kleber Blog_0016.jpg
Kleber Blog_0017.jpg
Kleber Blog_0018.jpg
Kleber Blog_0019.jpgThen Kendra and Jeff wanted some photos to celebrate the baby that’s on the way!
Kleber Blog_0020.jpg
Kleber Blog_0021.jpg
Kleber Blog_0022.jpg
Kleber Blog_0023.jpg
Kleber Blog_0024.jpg

It was a glorious day. You can see the rest of the photos from the day by clicking right here.



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