This Webb City senior is on her way to the finish line!! I met Kamaryn while I was taking pictures of a Mary & Martha conference this summer, and a few months later here we were taking her senior photos! After getting to know her more on this trip, I have no doubt that Kamaryn has a bright future ahead of her as she wraps up her last few semesters of school. Congratulations Kamaryn!

Here’s some sneak peeks of the day:

Kamaryn Senior Blog_0001.jpg
Kamaryn Senior Blog_0002.jpg

Taking pictures with your favorite books is always a grand idea.
Kamaryn Senior Blog_0003.jpg
Kamaryn Senior Blog_0004.jpg
Kamaryn Senior Blog_0005.jpg

I love these shots! She’s so beautiful!
Kamaryn Senior Blog_0006.jpg

Her mom did an awesome job decorating that chalkboard tray!
Kamaryn Senior Blog_0007.jpg
Kamaryn Senior Blog_0008.jpg
Kamaryn Senior Blog_0009.jpg

I love that laugh! <3
Kamaryn Senior Blog_0010.jpg
Kamaryn Senior Blog_0011.jpg


You can see the rest of our fun session by clicking right here.



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