The Manns are near and dear to my heart, as Chad and Amy have watched me grow up in their church and youth group, being mentors and cheerleaders no matter what. I’ve also gotten to babysit the girls a time or two (or more), and we all three just love spending time together. Savannah and Claire remind me so much of my sister and I!!
We actually took these photos right behind my house! The lighting was perfect, the weather was surprisingly warm that day, and we got those dreamy field photos every family deserves. It was just a wonderful way to spend an evening!!

Here some of my favorites of our time together.

Mann Family Photos Blog_0001.jpg
Mann Family Photos Blog_0002.jpg
Mann Family Photos Blog_0003.jpg
Mann Family Photos Blog_0004.jpg

There’s always a way to make your bride blush. 🙂
Mann Family Photos Blog_0005.jpg
Mann Family Photos Blog_0006.jpg
Mann Family Photos Blog_0007.jpg

Oh my. These girls are just beautiful!!
Mann Family Photos Blog_0008.jpg
Mann Family Photos Blog_0009.jpg
Mann Family Photos Blog_0010.jpg

Thank you for the honor of taking your family photos this season!!

To see more of our fun time together, you can see all the photos by clicking right here.



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