Megan is one of the greatest people ever. I worked with her at John Brown University, and she was a delight to be around, stress with, and laugh with. She’s not only a co-worker, but definitely a friend. 🙂 I’m so proud of the hard work she’s put into her major and her passion for families, and I can’t wait to see the future holds for her!! December is just around the corner, you’re almost a college grad, Megan!!

Here’s some fun previews of our outing around JBU’s campus.

Megan Senior Blog_0001.jpg

You gotta take a celebratory photo on the fountain, of course.
Megan Senior Blog_0002.jpg
Megan Senior Blog_0006.jpg

Been in and out of these doors many times. 😉
Megan Senior Blog_0003.jpg

It’s also really important to find a super pretty tree, and throw leaves from it.
Megan Senior Blog_0004.jpg
Megan Senior Blog_0005.jpg
Megan Senior Blog_0007.jpg
Megan Senior Blog_0008.jpg

Megan Senior Blog_0009.jpg

And sometimes you bump into friends and they “model” for your photos too! I giggled so much looking at these. 🙂
Megan Senior Blog_0010.jpg
Megan Senior Blog_0011.jpg

Congratulations again Megan!

To see more of her photos, you can click right here.



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