Meet Andrea

This is me! I was in charge of a lot of this business (well, that could be why it’s called “Andrea Barnett”)! While getting a degree in photography from John Brown University, I started this business when I was 18 years old, first as a student and now as a professional.

When we did these shoots, I was the lead photographer and communicator, and if you were looking for family/couple/senior/etc. photos, you’d more than likely just interact with me. However, if you hired us for a wedding or travel shoot, Stephen is the one that made sure we arrive on time and had all of our travel plans in place, and he’s always my second photographer. My strengths are in the creative and organizational side of things, so while I run on my right side of the brain, Stephen is always there to make sure I check into the left side every so often.

Meet Stephen

Stephen is a wizard with anything finance, and helped me strategize my business. He’s a major behind-the-scenes secret weapon that kept the business running.

If you hired us for your wedding, he tackled other aspects of your day, like having a checklist at home to make sure I was thinking through every aspect of your big day (you’ll remember that he’s really good at organizing family formals)!

Working together started for us in July 2015. Stephen is so personable and kind-hearted, and along with being an incredible second photographer, he was always there to help move heavy things, talk “accounting” language, and make my life easier!!

Quick Little Facts

We met on Facebook.

Stephen slid into my DMs… but don’t worry folks, he redeemed himself by proposing mountaintop in Vail, Colorado. We’ve been married since 2015, and have never looked back.

Yo quiero Taco Bell.

If Stephen is picking out dinner, he’s bringing home TB. If I’m picking out dinner, you bet I’m ordering pizza (and yes, pineapple is a WIN on my pizza!).

I begged Stephen to join me... Literally.

I had a wedding on a holiday where I couldn’t find any of my then-regular second photographers to work, so I taught him the basics and off we went! He NAILED it. I think I fell more in love as he uploaded his photos onto the computer. 

We travel ALL the time.

Because we have no kiddos (yet!), and Stephen’s full time job has him traveling plenty, sometimes I get to tag along with him! Some of the coolest places we’ve been to for work and photos are West Africa, Grand Cayman, Dominican Republic, and cities like New York City, Chicago, St. Louis, Albuquerque, Dallas… and that’s just to name a few!