When your brother-in-law asks for engagement photos, you, of COURSE, say yes to taking them! As you would figure, these two felt comfy with me already, so we just hopped right into taking marvelous and natural photos! We started at City Lake in Siloam Springs, which is a place they often would relax, bird watch, and take photos at. Then we went to a field behind my house right as the sun was setting. It was a beautiful day!

I’m excited as the wedding day inches closer and closer each moment. I’m getting another sister!!

Here’s some of my favorites from our time together.

The lake was gorgeous that night!

They had a glass bird as a prop. Of course I had to put a ring on it. :)

AH! Love these sunset-y photos.

I'm not sure what Chris did, but whatever was said must have been funny. :)

Congrats, my sweet family. To see more of their fun session, you can click right here.