I am so excited to post these!! Kaytlin, whose home is in Hong Kong, was a dear friend of mine in college. We lived together in Northern Ireland for a month with other college students, and grew so close there. After she went home for graduation, we slowly faded apart, but it wasn't long before she contacted me to tell me she was engaged to David!! Hooray!

Kaytlin and David asked if I could do their engagements while they were visiting the USA recently, and I was so happy to say yes! David is the sweetest match for Kaytlin, and I can't wait to see their future unfold as they get married so soon.

For their engagement session, we traveled all over the grounds of our college, John Brown University. We had a blast taking photos, and even sneaking a few bride and groom portraits in too!

Here are some of my favorite photos from our time together...

Kaytlin even brought a wedding gown so that I could take some bride and groom portraits! She explained to me that in the USA we make a big deal about the dress being a surprise, but in Hong Kong, the groom usually helps the bride in finding a dress that she loves! This dress will be different from the one she will wear on their wedding day, but I thought it was so fun to learn little traditions that our country do differently.

I just loved the train of the dress; they were a stunning couple with the Cathedral as the backdrop!

I love those laughs!!

This is one of my favorite photos!! Wow.

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! I'm so glad we got to reconnect again.

If Stephen and I travel to Hong Kong someday, we are definitely getting in touch with you two first. :) Much love to you both!