This sweet family is just so cute. Stephen, who came with me on this shoot, came home talking nonstop about how cute sweet Layna is, and I have to agree!! Layna was just shy of two years old when we took these photos (she officially turned two YESTERDAY!!), and Rachel and Jed are amazing parents to her. I felt so privileged to see them all interact! Here’s some of my favorites from our time together…

Tickles from mama and daddy are sure to bring out some smiles. :)

We loved watching the ducks from the bridge!

LOVE that sweet smile Stephen captured!

Layna knew how to give good directions (I got pointed at a lot, probably because she saw herself in my lens). :)

We love Calling the Hogs!

Thanks for letting me capture sweet photos of you all! We had a blast playing catchup and getting to know Layna more and more. :)