It's already been a week since this lovely day occurred! Macy and John are such a sweet, down-to-earth couple. Macy was actually a bridesmaid in Andrew and Lauren Sova's wedding earlier this summer, so when Macy asked me to be a part of her day, I couldn't wait for it to come! My husband and I had so much fun shooting their ceremony and taking photos of them beforehand. Here's how the morning went from our cameras' points of view....

When we arrived, Macy and John were already dressed, so we went straight into portraits! I love this little chapel just off of Lake Norwood; it literally feels like one with the forest! With the simplicity and joy of the day, it was the perfect location for these two to say I do.

I love that classic Macy smile!!

You two are so precious!!

That's a sharp-lookin wedding party right there. :)

After portraits, it was time to walk down the aisle and celebrate them coming together! When Macy came into the chapel, it took John quite a bit to hold it together (and it was a great reaction!). As soon as John's dad married the couple and they exited the chapel, John swept Macy up and spun her around in excitement. It was so fun to see them so in love!

Congratulations on forever, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold! I hope you guys had a great trip in Colorado!

Thank you to Stephen, my husband, who takes stellar photos by my side.

Ceremony Venue: Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel in Bella Vista, AR

Wedding Dress: Dillards

Officiant: Brad Arnold at Fellowship Bible Church (and the groom's father). :)