**The following celebration occurred during the height of COVID-19 in 2020. All precautions were fulfilled and exceeded by the couple, venders, and family/friends in attendance, in accordance with city, state, and federal guidelines.**

We got to be a part of the sweetest celebration on Saturday. There were a lot of happy tears, so prepare yourself!

Megan and Chris were another couple that had to soften their original plans not only due to COVID, but also because of an unexpected procedure that Megan had to undergo for her shoulder. Because of that, their big party will happen next year, but they decided to go ahead and wed on this day no matter what. They got married with some family and a few friends by their sides, and it was the most lovely, intimate ceremony in the woods next to Beaver Lake. It was such an honor to capture the afternoon for our friends!

I spy their engagement photos. 😄

I hung out with Megan and a handful of women getting ready with her while she got her hair and makeup done. The bridesmaids, who were across the country, all Zoomed in to be with her; so sweet!

After Megan was all set, we drove 45 minutes to a lakefront house on Beaver. We had Chris go to the dock for the first look, and as soon as Megan got her first glance of him from on top of the hill, the tears started. This was when it felt real. This is when all their waiting was finally coming to an end (I'll be honest, I was starting to cry too!).

The ceremony was held in a little clearing in the woods, where lanterns filled with fairy lights gave magic to the area. It was so enchanting and intimate.

My favorite part was right after the officiant declared that Chris could kiss his bride, Megan gave the most excited squeal of all time. ☺️ It made me giggle, and it definitely showed the joy and excitement of the day!

Can you see the love they have for each other?? It's the real deal.

Congratulations on the start of your marriage! We can't wait to photograph your party in April. 💗 Stephen and I love you both!