When you mix a picture-perfect family with Old Main, in all its fall-colored splendor on a beautiful sunny day, there's bound to be some great photos. :)

Josh and Melissa are an amazing couple, and have two wonderful boys that were SO fun to play with (we picked up lots of sticks and threw lots of leaves :) ). Melissa and I work together at JBU, and Josh officiated a wedding Stephen and I shot earlier this year (I didn't put two and two together until they reminded me of that!). Remembering what the kids looked like at the wedding versus at this photo shoot, they have grown SO much in such a small amount.

They are a precious family, so kind and loving, and it was so fun to get to know them better and capture some sweet memories in the process.

Tickling-wrestling is always a must after you get one good photo. :)

Josiah's "biggest" smile had me giggling while editing these photos; I LOVE it. :)

Thanks for letting me spend an afternoon with you all! I had an absolute blast. ☺️