I’m so thankful for this sweet family and how they’ve invested in my life!! Around Fall-time, Amy always asks for some fresh new family photos, and so we go out and get them done. This whole family makes my job of photographing them SO easy!! Here’s some of my favorites from our time together…

The girls have the sweetest smiles!

When we were downtown YEARS ago, we did a leaf throwing picture. Savannah insisted that we do another one. :)

One fun part about this photo shoot was some of the photos I took of children the Manns are fostering. When we found a bench to get settled on, this rock was sitting right in the grass next to it. How special is that?? The two boys couldn't stop taking turns holding the rock. :)

Bonus photo... It always helps when you have someone MORE than willing to pull around your gear for you. I highly recommend it. :)

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