If they weren’t family already, this crew is officially “family” to Stephen and me. It was FREEZING cold and so windy when we took these photos, but we all were troopers throughout (jumping in and out of warm cars and all taking turns snuggling sweet Charlotte). :) It was quite the bonding experience, and I’m super proud of how this family handled it (I mean, look at those smiles, you would never know!!). The Allens/McGarrahs/Coons handled it like pros; they are truly a dream family that every photographer hopes to befriend in business and personal life. :)

Here are some favorites from our time together…

Look at these beautiful women. :)

Julie sure does love them!!

Of course, everyone wanted to snuggle with blanket-wrapped Charlotte. :)

Thanks again for being some of the best clients and friends ever. You all are a joy!!