This family could basically be called my family. All of them have interacted in my life in different stages (let me tell you, they’ve seen it all, from cubby-cheek Andrea, to awkward Andrea, to clueless-high-school Andrea, to grown-up Andrea). :) And despite my worst moments, they still let me hang out with them and take photos of them (including wedding photos a few months back!). They are protective, they are loving, they are a RIOT of fun. It was great to take some family photos of them before some of them head out west to a new season of life. :)

It's always a little gross when grandma and grandpa kiss. :)

...but because they kissed, that meant their kiddos needed to kiss too. :)

There's one Schultz in there that we haven't met yet!

Before we got really into photos, Sharilyn told us that she was praying for a rainbow and a stunning sunset all day. Our dreary/rainy weather didn't seem so promising, so we all agreed that we were so thankful that we were able to use the Cypress Barn to take photos in a dry place.

But lo and behold, partway through our time together, a bright red light started shining into the barn. When we walked outside, the sun had broken out through the rain and was a BRILLIANT pink and gold color. As we were jumping up and down so excited, we turned around, and there was a rainbow coming over the barn! We couldn't get over how fun and funny God was at granting a somewhat silly wish as giving us a rainbow and sunset; it was truly a moment I will never forget at a photoshoot.

Thanks again for spending the evening with Stephen and I!