Friends, April 10th was a very good day.

Chris and Megan have been awaiting this moment since their intimate wedding in October. Finally, nearly all their family and loads of friends could celebrate the union with them, and that's exactly what happened! Though Spring buds were very different than orange-tinted Ozark mountains, the atmosphere was just as magical.

Stephen and I love The Nest, and it was the perfect location for a Springtime wedding. Here's how the day went from our perspective.

For the first look, the wedding party had a little trick up their sleeve. They grabbed the best man, dressed him up in an Elsa wig and prom dress (a very popular groomsmen look 😉 ), and decided to surprise Chris with his first look actually being with him instead of his bride. Ha!

Chris was giving himself a hype up speech... ready to see his stunning bride... but instead:

Needless to say, Chris took it very well. 😉

Then we did the REAL first look. Megan had kept her wedding dress hidden from Chris, so this was a super special reveal. Chris' reaction was full of pure joy; it was so fun to watch. ☺️

You are BEAUTIFUL, Megan!!

The sweetest couple. ☺️

Even though they were already married, the couple had a traditional ceremony. It was the most beautiful "rewind" of their original wedding day. Megan had told me that ever since she was a little girl, she had dreamed of her wedding day... walking down the aisle, friends and family surrounding... but COVID and her unexpected shoulder surgery took that away from her. But this day, she was finally having THE moment. As she tearfully walked down the aisle, you could see it... the dreams Megan had painted as a child, with the man beyond her wildest dreams, had finally come to life.

And (again), they were Mr. and Mrs. Mattler! 🎉

It was a bit brisk that day, so the reception was held inside the tent at The Nest. The buds were on full display in a 360 view while guests enjoyed mingling, food, and plenty of dancing.

Congratulations on a fabulous celebration!! We have been so honored to be on this journey with you. The best is truly yet to come. ❤️